The book was very good and I enjoyed reading it. During my professional years of counseling children and adults through their losses of any kind, I needed a book such as yours. There are many self-help books that tell you how you are going to feel, what you will think and how to overcome obstacles. However, your book embraces loss with personal experience and
until it happens to you, it’s hard to visualize what someone else is going to feel or think.
Your appropriate insights to how other people can approach you, care for you or just listen makes it so much more a reality. Some books discuss from an outside view and your book comes directly from your loss. You tell us about what can be said by others to those grieving a loss and what to let go. People who are trying to help the grieving tend to say too much or too little, you gave good insight to help others help you.
The book is a treasure to me and will have a permanent place on the book shelf in my study.
Much success to you as you continue to walk through this beautiful time that
we call life.

The book is a treasure~~~