If you have read my book “Butterfly – A Guide for Transformation”, I would appreciate a testimonial of your experience and I thank you for that in advance.
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Healing power of art and dreams.

Butterfly is a book from the heart from someone who has lived through the journey of loss and grief and transformed it into a helping hand for all of us who struggle to understand "why" when there is no answer. Everyone could benefit from reading this journey from loss to liberation.

Wewer Keohane, Ph.D.
Oneirica Art Ranch

Courage, pure and simple

When someone has the great misfortune of experiencing an unimaginable tragedy, it is understandable that they do anything and everything possible to avoid the pain. It takes a particularly extraordinary person to walk towards, rather than away from the massive loss. And someone even more unique and powerful to share that journey, publicly. So here's to the strength and courage of Charles Morris, and his important and profound book. Particularly during these trying times, all of us are strengthened by people who choose to face the darkness for the sole purpose of trying to help all of us find their way to the light.

Emanuel Silberstein

The book is a treasure~~~

The book was very good and I enjoyed reading it. During my professional years of counseling children and adults through their losses of any kind, I needed a book such as yours. There are many self-help books that tell you how you are going to feel, what you will think and how to overcome obstacles. However, your book embraces loss with personal experience and
until it happens to you, it's hard to visualize what someone else is going to feel or think.
Your appropriate insights to how other people can approach you, care for you or just listen makes it so much more a reality. Some books discuss from an outside view and your book comes directly from your loss. You tell us about what can be said by others to those grieving a loss and what to let go. People who are trying to help the grieving tend to say too much or too little, you gave good insight to help others help you.
The book is a treasure to me and will have a permanent place on the book shelf in my study.
Much success to you as you continue to walk through this beautiful time that
we call life.

Judy Carter ~ President, Board of Directors
Bixby Outreach Center

Touching, Real and Helpful

In his book, "Butterfly, a Guide for Transformation," Charles takes us right along with him in his journey after tragic death from the raw depths of his pain into a new life. The power of his descriptions are moving for people who have already experienced the death of a loved one, as well as for those who have not. He shares the steps he took for transforming his own life and gives us all hope that we too can recover and move on after tragedy strikes. Thank you, Charles, for opening your life so that we all might learn and grow.


This is a beautiful book: inspiring, insightful, and concise. Read it more than once, you will get new and deeper rewards each time. Great job, Charles!

Nancy Palmer

To the point

Charles has both told a sad story and educated me in one well written, compact, clean and to the point book. I highly recommend that everyone read this book, as none of us get out of this journey without losing some one we love.

With Aloha, Hunton Conrad

A must read for health care professionals

Wonderful touching book by an incredible Man. It is a must read for anybody who works with people mainly for health care professionals. Anybody who lived through loss will find this book a valuable source for strength , love and guidance.
I hope Charles will keep writing and spreading his shining light around the world.


A book of tragedy and hope, love and discovery. Not to be missed by any reader. Thank you.

Moana L. Andersen
Equity One Real Estate, Inc.

Superb !

I WAS SITTING IN a health food store after driving around for hours without really knowing where i could even be trying to go. I had just got back in town. I had been in this state of heart and mind for a year already and i had no idea where to start gathering my pieces back, even if not necessarily together. Charles was finishing the last chapter of this book. Making the story shorter, Charles seat next to me and not because of his interesting shirt we started talking. One hour and half later i left with a much higher level of awareness about where i was standing, emotionally. I had the opportunity to have many other great conversations with Charles about that very same subject. And still, when i read “Butterfly” I was completly taken. Not only by his clarity but also by his williness to do his home work. By his williness to seek the change that he so needed. By valuing the little steps and by the INCREDIBLE power of his intuition. Bravissimo Charles! Superb writing experience ! This book is a wake-up call, to anyone! Thank you so much!!

Elen Gaion

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