Charles was born in Ohio, in 1947 and grew up in Wisconsin where he began his love affair with music and tennis. He attended the University of Miami Florida where he studied Psychology and Philosophy and continued his love of tennis. Moving to Washington D.C. he began his career as a tennis court contractor and learned to be a sandal maker. In 1972 Charles moved to Aspen, CO where he was known as the ” town sandal maker” and started his own tennis court construction company. After 28 years in the Roaming Fork Valley he moved to Maui, HI working in landscape and design and rekindled his love for playing the guitar. Charles is again living in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.

He suggests reading everything written by Peter Levine, whose work focuses on how the body releases trauma and restores goodness.

He has been a speaker to a recovery group on Maui and has, in a positive way touched the lives of many.